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BASF extends EOP rebates for hurricane victims

Offer applies to customers in Florida, Houston and other areas in the Southeast.


BASF is extending the timeframe to qualify for its October Early Order Program (EOP) rebates until Nov. 15, 2017, for customers in areas impacted by the recent hurricanes. The extension is being offered to give customers time to focus on their personal needs rather than worrying about EOP deadlines.

The extension is being offered to customers located in:

  • The entire state of Florida
  • The Houston metroplex and associated coastal zones of Texas
  • Southern Georgia and associated coastal zones

"We are very saddened by the devastation these hurricanes have caused, and we know how many of our customers are impacted," explains Jeff Vannoy, BASF Senior Product Manager for Turf Products. "This extension is just a small helping hand to allow customers to focus on what’s important in the short term."

Customers in these areas should contact their turf agent or distributor to take advantage of the extension.