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EPA OKs fourth application of BASF fungicide

Additional application of Lexicon Intrinsic brands increases disease-control options for superintendents, company says.


BASF’s Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide is now labeled for four applications per year at the highest rate of 0.47 oz. per 1,000 square feet (editor's note: Fourth application is not approved in the state of New York). This is an increase over the original labeled rate of three applications per year, and will provide golf course superintendents with additional options in their spray programs.

BASF Dark Blue"Superintendents do their best to manage a multitude of unpredictable factors that can have negative effects on their turf," said Takisha Truss, BASF Marketing Manager for turf and ornamentals. "This expanded approval gives them a wider range of flexibility to protect their turf and provide long-lasting control if disease should occur."

Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide optimizes disease control and provides plant health benefits for longer, stronger roots, increased growth efficiency, and greater stress tolerance. This broad-spectrum fungicide controls 27 diseases (Editor's note: Subject to a BASF Recommendation under FIFRA 2(ee) for spring dead spot in certain states. See for BASF’s Technical Information Bulletin) for up to 28 days, proving the confidence that comes with long-lasting control. Its proven plant health benefits provide faster recovery from stressors like heat, humidity, low light, drought heavy play and aeration.