2021 Golf Industry Show: Virtual trade show spotlight

You’ll find hundreds of exhibitors at the virtual trade show, and many are running special promotions, hosting must-see demonstrations, and giving away major prizes.


Editor’s note: See GCM’s guide to the 2021 Golf Industry Show for much more on the virtual trade show plus helpful information on using the virtual platform, a look at what’s new and noteworthy in the GCSAA Education Conference, and more.

Tahoma 31 bermudagrass

Research to impact your golf course

When selecting a grass for a renovation on your golf course, what matters to you? The grass has got to look good, for sure. But more than that, it’s got to help you overcome issues on your course, play well and please your members. It’s also got to be a whole lot better than what you’ve got on your golf course right now to make the renovation worthwhile, right?

Unlike other grasses that tout just one feature or benefit as their claim to fame, the research shows that Tahoma 31 ranks high in all the turf management metrics that impact the superintendents who grow and manage it on a daily basis. While it’s not all things to all people, it’s no one-trick pony, either.

Developed by the turfgrass experts at Oklahoma State University, and with test results from universities in nearly every U.S. climate zone through NTEP, Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass ranks at the top for cold tolerance, water use, wear, early spring green-up and overall turf quality. A thick, dense turf, Tahoma 31 supports a HOC of .125” to over 2-inches. Check out our website for actual research results.

But what’s really cool about Tahoma 31 is how it pushes the geographic boundaries of bermudagrass into the northernmost reaches of the Transition Zone. Highly winter hardy, the name “Tahoma” comes from the Native American word that means “frozen water,” and the grass lives up to its name.

Golf courses as far north as Chillicothe Country Club in Ohio (fairways and tees) and Liberty National in Jersey City, N.J. (driving range tee) benefit from Tahoma 31’s ability to stand up to cold winters yet thrive in hot summer temperatures. For guys who were once slaves to summer bentgrass spot-watering, it’s a game changer.

We invite you to check the data on the metrics that matter to you. Our ad is a good place to start. We’ll have videos and other resources at our virtual GIS booth that you can watch or download. But then, do what most superintendents do. Call other guys who’ve used the grass. Check our Twitter feed for recent conversations from guys using Tahoma 31 at their facilities.

We recently talked to Zac Ramey, superintendent at The Country Club of Spartanburg in South Carolina, who said, “It’s just a grass superior to anything that we’ve put on the golf course, and it’s the only bermudagrass that we’re going to use for now on.”

Gotta love that! Thanks for reading. We look forward to connecting with you at the virtual Golf Industry Show. Until then, stay well.

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For 100 years, Jacobsen has been that glimpse of orange in the distance on golf courses across the world. At GIS 2021, we want to share our unique products, the Eclipse 360 ELiTE and AR530, that signal our renewed commitment to quality and innovation in our second century.

In 2020, we reaffirmed our commitment to quality and product development by relocating the manufacturing of Jacobsen professional turf equipment to our European manufacturing and training headquarters in Ipswich, England. This move will enable the company to focus its investments, skill and improvements in mower production on a single facility and leverage the existing resources and expertise at our Ipswich facility. The plant, which currently builds Jacobsen and Ransomes mowers, was the first manufacturer of motorized lawn mowers in the world and has been in operation for more than 187 years.

Jacobsen Golf Industry Show

Our two newest machines start our reaffirmed commitments, and through the three days of GIS 2021, we will be going live with videos that give you a detailed view of the new machines.

An extensive rundown of the E360 ELiTE and its new features will take place in our booth on Wednesday, Feb. 3. The Eclipse range was a pioneer of battery-powered mowing, and the E360 ELiTE sets a new elite standard for greens mowing using the ELiTE batteries that have powered E-Z-GO vehicles for over 15 million hours to cut 50-plus large greens on a single charge.

The new era of end user-focused products continues with the launch of the AR530 rough mower. A full walk-around of the machine will take place in our booth on Thursday, Feb. 4.

This mower’s development was guided by our largest-ever commissioned research program to establish the everyday challenges greenkeepers and field managers face. The results focused on features, quality and durability. As a result, the AR range has been redesigned from the ground up to focus on these and other areas and combine them with our famous quality of cut that has been trusted by generations.

Our North American customer service and parts team, product trainers, product managers and leadership team will all be working in our GIS booth to bring the virtual experience to life.

Show attendees can participate in a competition to win  of 100 branded centenary support care packages for you and your golf course team, with details on how to enter available in our booth during the show.

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As GIS Virtual 2021 approaches, Nufarm plans to highlight our Naturalized Areas Program and Premium Herbicide Solutions, as well as new information on Anuew Plant Growth Regulator. As we learn more about Anuew, we continue to find even more innovative ways to utilize this unique active ingredient.

We are also excited to introduce Decide Fungicide, a brand-new active ingredient, in partnership with Nichino America. We are evaluating the product to be a broad-spectrum fungicide with efficacy on dollar spot, brown patch and anthracnose. Decide has been tested at key universities for the past two years, and heavily tested by Nichino America for development and registrations with one more season of academic trials and in-field trials upcoming for 2021. We anticipate this product being available in early 2022.

As always, the Nufarm booth will showcase Nufarm’s broad portfolio of turf solutions, including Pinpoint Fungicide, Traction Fungicide, Millennium Ultra 2 Herbicide and many others. The booth will also feature training videos from our Virtual Learning Series, hosted by Jason Fausey, Rick Fletcher and Aaron Hathaway, who make up Nufarm’s Turf and Ornamentals technical services team. Jason, Rick and Aaron will be available in the booth during the show, as well as Nufarm’s regional sales team. Outside of the show, they can be contacted through Nufarm’s Turf and Ornamental’s contact page.

Show attendees can also register to win a robotic mower. More details of this giveaway can be found in the Nufarm booth during the show.

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Standard Golf

2020 was an unprecedented year in many different ways. Golf was lucky enough to be viewed and recognized as an activity that was COVID-friendly. But what was most impressive for the year was how the entire golf industry rolled up their sleeves and went to work.

At Standard Golf, we were able to release “No Touch” golf products in early April that were not at the GIS trade show just weeks before in Orlando. Our ingenuity as an agile manufacturer had never been more tested. It was with great pride that we were able to invent and produce new “No Touch” products, and, more importantly, get them to market quickly to allow the global population to get outside and find some normalcy in a crazy time.

Though we all wish we could gather together in Las Vegas, we know that we are all together in spirt and connected to make sure 2021 is another great year. We all have our own piece we play to make golf a wonderful game and experience, and we know everyone will carry their weight and then some to continue the momentum.

The virtual Golf Industry Show and Trade Show will be a little different, however we are confident that we’ll be able to deliver an experience that will be memorable. Look for Standard Golf’s new product videos and other media to be released through January as the lead-up to the show.

Our new products for 2021 are going to have three distinct themes:

  • A continuation of our “No Touch” golf products for a clean start to 2021.
  • Re-release of our 2020 new products, such as our In-ground Trash Can, MagnaTech Budget Cup, Two-piece Range Pole with flag, Ultimate Utility Vehicle Tool Racks, and more.
  • Improved takes on old favorites, including new Oak and Timber Tee Markers that allow for customizable logos, Putt-Saver Tournament Flagstick, Coco Drag Mop, and our Easy Mark II.

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The Beauty of Being More Productive. That is the principle that drives us at Turfco. For over a century, our family has been manufacturing turf equipment, bringing ingenuity to products that help superintendents create the most beautiful, playable golf courses possible. We’re committed to designing products that will increase the productivity of your crew, help you achieve your agronomic goals, and free up your time for other tasks. Never has that been more important than the past year.

Visit our booth and enter for a chance to win a Torrent 2 Debris Blower

Turfco Torrent
While we cannot be together in person at GIS this year, we can connect virtually at our booth. As a thank-you, we are going to give away a Torrent 2 Debris Blower along other great prizes in 2021. Sign up at our booth, take a look around, and click the link to enter for a chance to win.

Check out our latest products

Look for some exciting new innovations coming for greens topdressing on the WideSpin 1550 in 2021. We are also introducing a new large-capacity T5000 ride-on sprayer/spreader, which will be available later in the year. Other new products from Turfco include the Torrent 2 PTO-powered debris blower and CR-8 Topdresser with new hydraulic controls and WideSpin technology.

Proud to continue to be #1 in topdressers

As a family-owned business making turf equipment for over 100 years, we love what we do and recognize the privilege of being part of this storied industry. This will be the first year a member of our family has not attended an in-person GIS. We appreciate the efforts of the GCSAA and hard work to make the best of a challenging time.

Contact Turfco or your dealer

We have a great dealer network ready to help. Also do not hesitate to call us directly and speak to the owners of Turfco at 800-679-8201. Or go online to our new website for more information and to schedule a product demo at your course.

Scott Kinkead
Executive Vice President, Turfco

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Yamaha golf

Yamaha Golf Car continuously draws from our 60-plus years of motorsports roots to create industry firsts — we were the first to develop Electronic Fuel Injection for a golf car (resulting in the best gas mileage with the smallest carbon footprint); the first to create a golf car with fully independent four-wheel suspension for the smoothest ride in the game; and the first to develop the QuieTech gas engine that is almost as quiet as an electric motor.

As a GCSAA Silver Partner, the Premier Partner and the Official Golf Car Company of the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA), and the three-time winner (2017-2019) of Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award for Best Gas-Powered Golf Car, our vehicles remain the standard in the industry.

Yamaha Golf Car
At Yamaha, we continually strive to innovate and design for the modern professional — and this time, we’ve taken the best of power, performance and comfort, and infused it from the core out with our UMAX line. We’ve thought of everything you could want or need in a premium golf utility car.

Our Drive2 QuieTech EFI and PowerTech AC models both come standard with independent rear suspension (IRS), making for the most comfortable ride experienced in a golf car. We also offer Motive T875-AGM batteries by Trojan — with a “Worry Free” Life of the Lease Warranty — as an option to our standard battery pack. No matter what you choose, Yamaha proves time and time again that we’re ... The Easy Choice.

Be sure to visit the Yamaha Golf Car website and enter for your chance to win a pair of Yamaha EP-E70A wireless noise-canceling earphones!

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Echo Robotics

How can autonomous range management benefit you and your range?

Reallocate your resources in ways you never thought possible with the autonomous TM-2000 Turf Mower and RP-1200 Range Picker from ECHO Robotics.

  • Free up your time and your staff. Autonomous range management means you’ll have more time to focus on other parts of your golf course or business.
  • Keep your range open around the clock. The TM-2000 Turf Mower and RP-1200 Range Picker operate in tandem, 24/7, rain or shine, day or night, allowing you to reduce downtime and customer inconvenience.
  • Never lose balls on the range to cutting or compaction. The TM-2000’s special protective discs prevent damage to golf balls.
  • The RP-1200 delivers picked golf balls to the designated drop area making for convenient ball management.
  • An online portal or app on your smartphone makes it easy to control and monitor performance from anywhere.
  • Plus, your turf will have a freshly mowed look all day, every day.

Are you ready to talk?

Sign up for a virtual demo by visiting the ECHO Robotics booth at GIS
If you’re ready to get serious about autonomous mowing and ball picking for your driving range, we’d love to speak with you. We look forward to hearing about the specific needs for your range, giving you a closer look at our TM-2000 Turf Mower and RP-1200 Range Picker, and answering any questions you may have.

Schedule your virtual demo today.

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The POGO TurfPro System is The Essential Monitoring and Analysis System of the Turfgrass Industry, worldwide. Knowing that precise equipment being utilized in specifically targeted methods is the cornerstone to make any analysis or correlation for decisions, POGO compromises none of these while simplifying, in seconds, what the complex array of information means for making the correct turfgrass management decisions at the right time.

POGO turf app

POGO’s entire platform was influenced by superintendents while keeping their needs in mind in everything it offers. At its core is a thorough understanding of fundamental agronomy scientific principles. Unlike all other measurement technologies in the industry that are prone to skewed measurements from the influence of the ever-changing dynamics of the turfgrass environment, POGO’s sensor equipment never requires calibration while measuring exactly what the turfgrass experiences. From this, a solid understanding of what we can expect from the turfgrass is made without delay and with great confidence.

With integrated precision GPS positioning of measurements and the integration of a full-scale mapping system, visualizing property conditions and asset management throughout the landscape is simple. As students, we are trained to manage our resources and properties to the best of our ability within fiscal and environmental responsibilities. POGO makes certain we do exactly that ... all while improving our turfgrass conditions, improving member satisfaction and creating a system that allows us to always be proactive in our decisions.

Whether it’s the use of POGO’s rapid auditing capabilities to improve irrigation or the correlation of combined turf conditions and their influence on disease or stress as they impact playability, POGO never stops returning value to you. In fact, in less than 5 minutes from opening the box, POGO will teach you things you did not know about your turf system before, and it immediately gives you returned value for your club’s investment.

POGO turf

You have many decisions to make on any given day, 365 days a year. You are often at the mercy of influences out of your control. Offsetting these influences by managing the variables under your control with clear and concise insight allows you to not only improve your conditions and limit decline from bad influences, it allows you to know confidently how your turf is going to perform today, tomorrow and beyond while learning from everything you do. POGO allows any person on any operation to conclude the same assessment of turf conditions by understanding what it is indicating. This is powerful when the entire staff knows to do the right thing at the right time. See what POGO can do for you and we can promise you, it will not let you down.

Visit POGO TurfPro at the 2021 GIS!

New releases
POGO’s newest TurfPro Mobile application to be released at GIS includes enhanced specification analysis for ball speed, firmness and customizable variables along with other feature additions.

Show specials
Purchase a POGO Pro+ system, receive one POGO transport cart/wall mount, one POGO turf/soil lab analysis and one POGO water quality lab analysis (a $363 package value). One value package per POGO with no limit on number of POGO/value packages per order.

Subject matter expert
Ph.D. candidate Carmen Magro, CGCS (University of Padua) will discuss the science of monitoring, positioning of measurements, association with key turfgrass conditioning management practices and more throughout the conference with times announced a week ahead of the show and on the virtual booth bulletin board.

With the virtual setup, we look forward to easily sharing stories of our users so that all can learn from their peers and hear how the POGO system has elevated their operations successfully.

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Frost Inc

More than ever, efficiency and productivity are expected from equipment used in turf management. More work needs to be accomplished by fewer people, and technology is making it possible. Technology like Frost’s Ninja GPS spray control system. The Ninja system controls each nozzle to minimize overspray, automatically controls rate, manages dual nozzles for faster speeds, and keeps track of applications viewable on Google Earth. The performance and reliability of the Ninja system has been proven by hundreds of Superintendents across the country since 2012.

But Frost doesn’t stop there. Fitting the Ninja system to a purpose-built Kubota powered sprayer adds to the productivity. The hydrostatic transmission and independent suspension of the Kubota machine allow for 8-10 mph fairway applications where other machines would have to stop at 5 mph. Realistically, that means getting five fairways done in the time that other machines get three sprayed. We are sure that you know what to do with that extra time!

Frost Inc Ninja
Because the Ninja system is so simple to use, you don’t have to have hours of training to be able to use it. Viewing jobs on Google Earth remotely after spraying can be a training tool for new operators and the jobs can be saved in tools like the GreenKeeper app as a record of the application.

Productivity can be even further advanced with Frost’s autosteer option, or even an ultrasonic boom leveling system. Basically, taking away some of the functions that are most taxing for operators. These technologies can actually make it fun to perform spray applications!

Not to be outdone, Frost has introduced these same technologies on the Toro Outcross vehicle platform. With a heavy-duty 30-foot aluminum spray boom, 300-gallon tank, it’s all about productivity. The spray boom is detachable, allowing the tank and pump system to be used for spot irrigation. The whole system can be installed and detached in minutes, allowing the Outcross to be used for other functions. The Outcross brings its own set of features to the table too — features like a tight-turning radius, cabin comfort and great visibility.

When it comes to innovation for productivity and equipment efficiency, you must think outside the box. That is where you will find Frost spray technologies. Never compromising on reliability or usability, but simply making your spray day a better day for everyone!

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Progressive Turf Equipment

The right contour mower

It is all about getting the job done, on flat or contoured turf, quickly, efficiently and with a finish that will make you proud. Only Progressive Turf Equipment offers you two styles of rotary contour mowers allowing you to choose what is best for your course. It is the combined simplicity and low operating cost of a utility tractor and either a Pro-Flex 120 or the TDR-X contour roller mower that is your ace! The Pro-Flex 120 has five independent floating mower decks. The TDR-X is a 10-foot tri-deck roller mower that follows contours as easily as it will turn heads. All from the undisputed pull-behind leader.

The Pro-Flex 120

  • Since 1999, the most depended upon pull-behind contour finishing mower in the market
  • Five independent decks float six ways to accurately track changing contours
  • 10-foot-wide cut, with an available mulching option
  • HOC range 1-inch to 3 ¼-inch
  • No daily greasing, and 100-hour “on the mower” PTO greasing
  • Maintenance-free blade spindles and replaceable bushings eliminate most grease points
  • An automatic wing lock valve and the automatic tensioners greatly extend belt life


Progressive Turf Equipment Mower

  • The way a contour roller mower should be designed!
  • Three independent floating decks and a 10-feet-by-6-inch-wide cut
  • HOC range 3⁄8-inch to 3 3⁄8-inch
  • Industry-leading blade overlap and replaceable Pro-Ez II blade tips
  • Maintenance-free blade spindles
  • No daily greasing, and 100-hour “on the mower” PTO greasing
  • Proven HEX shafts roller-ends and bearings

Built Dependable, Built Flexible, Built Productive, Built Right, Built Progressive. Whether it is the TDR-X roller mower or the tried-and-true Pro-Flex 120, Progressive Turf Equipment has the contour mower for you.

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