Gallery: The 2019 U.S. Open

Snapshots from the week in agronomy at Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, Calif.



GCM has been inside the ropes at Pebble Beach all week, getting a peek at how the No. 1 public course in the nation gets perfected ahead of the 119th U.S. Open.

Sunday, June 9

Pebble Beach hospitality

Pebble Beach volunteers
U.S. Open volunteers check out the job assignment board ahead of Sunday’s volunteer meeting.

Jack Holt Pebble Beach
Retirement looms for longtime Pebble Beach assistant superintendent Jack Holt (right), pictured with director of golf course maintenance Chris Dalhamer, CGCS, (left) and assistant superintendent Bubba Wright (center). Holt received a special token of appreciation during Sunday’s gathering. Read about it.

Spend a morning at Pebble Beach with Holt and his trusty canine companions, Lefty and Charlie, courtesy of Golf Channel:

Monday, June 10

Watering Pebble Beach
With another unseasonably warm day on tap, hand waterers were out in force Monday morning.

US Open bunkers
Monday morning bunker brigade.

Pebble Beach 4th green
The fourth green — tightly guarded by bunkers — gets plenty of attention as a.m. maintenance rolls on.

Pebble Beach 7th hole
Pebble Beach’s iconic par-3 7th hole.

US Open putting green
The par-3 12th hole, taken from a bleacher directly behind the green. The maintenance facility sits between this hole and the par-4 10th hole.

Pebble Beach 8th hole
A panoramic shot of the eighth hole. The green is left center.

Frank Nobilo, Brandel Chamblee and David Duval break down the “Cliffs of Doom” — Nos. 8-10 — where land meets ocean at Pebble Beach, courtesy of Golf Channel:

Tuesday, June 11

Seawall bunker
Crews rake the seawall bunker that runs along the left side of Pebble Beach’s 18th hole.

Pebble Beach dog
Lefty, one of assistant superintendent Jack Holt’s dogs, lounges on the 18th fairway during Tuesday morning’s work.

Pebble Beach 18th hole
Jack Holt (left) talks with one of the volunteers on the 18th hole.

Pebble Beach 3rd green
Putting the finishing touches on the Tuesday hole location on No. 3 green.

Pebble Beach deer
A deer on the 16th hole. Even with all the activity surrounding the U.S. Open, the Pebble Beach wildlife still go about business as usual.

Pebble Beach crews
Crews spiff up the eighth green.

Mark Rolfing breaks down the keys to Pebble Beach’s par-4 eighth hole on Golf Channel:

Wednesday, June 12

Pebble Beach 16
Crews get to work on the 16th hole during Wednesday morning maintenance at Pebble Beach.

Jon Rybicki
Jon Rybicki, equipment technician at Pebble Beach.

Jon Rybicki Pebble Beach
Jon Rybicki hoses off the cutting units on a fairway mower after Wednesday morning’s maintenance rounds.

Pebble Beach greenside bunker
A volunteer rakes the deep greenside bunker that fronts the 14th green.

Pebble Beach 14
Mowing the green on the par-5 14th hole.

Thursday, June 13

Barranca bunker
A lone bunker raker tackles the large barranca bunker that fronts the second green at Pebble Beach during work before Thursday’s first round.

Pebble Beach rolling green
The 16th green gets a roll.

Pebble Beach 8
The eighth fairway.

Pebble Beach Stimpmeter
Kimberly Erusha (left) and Brian Whitlark from the USGA Green Section take Stimpmeter readings on the sixth green.

Pebble Beach 8th fairway
Mowing the final few feet of the eighth fairway, looking back toward that hole’s greens complex.

Photos by Scott Hollister, GCM editor-in-chief.