GCM’s Industry News Digest: June 2024

The latest golf course product and industry news, curated for golf course superintendents and other turf industry professionals.


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Editor’s note: The GCM team will be doing our best to maintain an up-to-date feed of announcements on this page. If you have news you think belongs here, please email Andrew Hartsock.

Tuesday, June 25

  • Syngenta announced two new active ingredients pending registration with the Environmental Protection Agency for use in its Professional Solutions markets. PLINAZOLIN technology will control insects by contact and ingestion to quickly stop feeding. TYMIRIUM technology will offer control of sting, lance, root-knot and Anguina nematodes, while also effectively combating spring dead spot and other soil-borne turf diseases. To learn more, visit Syngenta's website.

Wednesday, June 12

  • Nufarm announced the launch of SureGuard EZ Herbicide, a next-generation formulation of SureGuard that offers and handling with the same long-lasting residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds that saves time and costs associated with re-application. SureGuard EZ offers pre- and post-emerge takedown of weeds up to 2” in height. With long-lasting residual control, often spanning six months or more, SureGuard EZ is ideal on bare ground, cracks and crevices, hardscape areas, landscape beds and around established woody landscape ornamentals. Visit nufarm.com/usturf/product/sureguard-ez/ to learn more.
  • Green Start Academy announced the opening of its application window for the 19th year of its distinguished leadership and development program for assistant superintendents. Now in its fourth year at the Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina, Green Start Academy aims to amplify and refine the expertise of assistant superintendents and help them acquire crucial knowledge that will elevate their professional trajectory. The program is currently accepting applications through August 1. Those interested can apply for a spot in this year’s class.

Monday, June 10

  • Albaugh, LLC announced that Nathan Kimmerle has joined the company as North America Region Vice President - Technology. In this role, Kimmerle will be overseeing production and operations at the company’s manufacturing facility in St. Joseph, Missouri. Kimmerle brings 25 years of experience in multiple manufacturing environments, as well as production plant management, process safety management, sustainability, logistics, maintenance, and quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) initiatives.

Wednesday, June 5

  • TeeJet Technologies introduced the FM9380-F75 flow meter. According to the company, the device's innovative design contains no moving parts, meaning to service or maintenance requirements and no risk of clogging. It has been optimized for agricultural application equipment and works with any conducting liquid. Contact your local TeeJet distributor or visit www.teejet.com to learn more. 

Monday, June 3

  • TurfHOC introduced the TurfHOC Laser Precision Gauge. According to the company, the lightweight device incorporates a line laser that is perfectly parallel to the surface the frame rests on. The beam grazes the tips of the grass, simultaneously displaying a full line on the vertical scale, providing the most accurate measurement possible. Visit www.turfhoc.com to learn more.