GCM’s guide to 2023-2024 early order programs

Get a jump on your product needs with these deals.


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Discover the power of rebate lock with SePRO Early Order Program Rewards

Unlock exceptional savings on industry-leading turf plant growth regulators, aquatic solutions, disease management and weed control options with the 2023 Pinnacle EOP Rewards from SePRO. Maximize your savings while elevating your turf and landscape to extraordinary levels from October 1-December 8, 2023.Product brand rebate with Rebate Lock

Qualifying for a Product Brand Rebate is easy when you combine your total purchase amount with the number of product brands. Kickstart your bonus with a $2500 purchase and two product brands from the following categories:

  • Turf & landscape growth regulators
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Aquatics solutions

Secure your rebate through September 2023 with SePRO's new rebate lock

Turf PGR Bonus: Earn an additional 10% rebate on both Legacy and Musketeer turf plant growth regulators.

New water quality pairing: Take advantage of the new water quality pairing and earn an additional 3% with EutroSORB F and EutroSORB WC, to protect your ponds from excess phosphorous (1 lb of phosphorous supports up to 500 lbs of algae)

Enroll at sepro.com/pinnacle by January 31, 2024 

Aerial view of Ghost Creek golf course

Envu NOW Solutions Early Order Program

It’s that time of year again! Summer is winding down, the days are getting shorter and, best of all, the NOW Solutions program is back. With the NOW Solutions program from Envu, you can save big on all the products you depend on to protect your turf from common threats like diseases and weeds this fall. 

From August 1-September 30, the NOW Solutions program has various ways to save on industry-leading turf care solutions so you can stock up on the products you need right now. The four ways to save include: off-invoice discounts, select product rebates, agronomic pairing incentives and NOW Solutions/Fall Solutions purchase tier rebates. 

envu resilia logo

Start shopping for popular products like the all-new Resilia™ root health solution, fungicides like Densicor®, Interface® Stressgard® and Mirage® Stressgard®, and herbicides like Specticle® FLO to protect your turf from upcoming threats. Just log in to My Envu Rewards to get started. You can even rack up rewards and calculate your savings on the spot with an easy-to-use calculator spreadsheet. Plus, Envu is committed to meeting your timeline, so you can start taking action right away. Because when it comes to your business, you need to control all that you can.

So trust in your favorite products and in your own expertise, and don’t worry about what Mother Nature might bring in the coming months. With Envu as your partner for leading-edge solutions, you can handle just about anything. 

Don’t wait. Save today and thrive tomorrow when you start taking advantage of the NOW Solutions program’s four ways to save. Whether it’s through product rebates, agronomic pairings, off-invoice discounts or the purchase tier rebates, these deals are too good to miss. Join or log in to My Envu Rewards at rewards.envu.us.

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PBI-Gordon Green Dividends Early Order Program

Start the march toward a successful 2024 with the PBI-Gordon Green Dividends Early Order Program. Green Dividends gives end-users the best prices when they order qualifying products between September 1 – December 1, 2023. 

The PBI-Gordon Green Dividends EOP features 17 of our most popular products, including:

Level-up for a bigger rebate!

  • Level I rebate ($500-$999) earns an additional 15% rebate
  • Level II rebate ($1,000 or more) earns an additional 25% rebate

New Calculator

Want to see how big that rebate can be? Try our new calculator at PBIGordonTurf.com/GreenDividendsEOP

Registration is Easy!

In fact, you might already be registered! If you’ve enrolled online and taken advantage of PBI-Gordon Early Order Program in prior years, you’re automatically enrolled. If you’re new, or if you’re not sure if you’re enrolled in the past, or if you’d just like to verify your information, complete the online form.

Visit PBIGordonTurf.com/GreenDividendsEOP to see the full list of qualifying products and program details.

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Quali-Pro: The power of simplicity

NIMITZ Pro G, powered by Fluensulfone, is a novel nematicide developed globally by ADAMA and Control Solutions for the Quali-Pro brand.

NIMITZ Pro G works by causing irreversible paralysis, disrupting nematode growth and development (all life stages), affecting egg laying and hatching and causing feeding cessation. NIMITZ Pro G is a true nematicide causing mortality within one to two days of contact

Swing into savings!

Quali-Pro is offering special incentives beginning August 15, 2023. Take advantage of the SGT early order program for the biggest rebates of the year.

GreenTrust: Same Great Program. More Ways to Save.

With new enhancements and products, the GreenTrust® 365 program from Syngenta offers more ways to save than ever so you don’t have to think outside the box to find new savings. Maximize your turf quality and your budget during the Early Order Period: Oct. 1 – Dec. 8, 2023 with the enhanced Plan It Your Way rebate, GT Bonus Booster and more. Explore the many benefits that make GreenTrust 365 the best value of the year.

Step 1: Earn Your Yearlong Rebate

Spend at least $5,000 during the Early Order Period to lock in your yearlong rebate of up to 10% (valid for purchases made during the Program Year: (Oct. 1, 2023 – Sept. 30, 2024). This includes purchases of our latest innovations: 

  • Acelepryn Xtra insecticide 
  • Recognition herbicide
  • Tuque exoGEM fungicide
Plus, purchases of on-fertilizer products through May 31, 2024 also qualify toward yearlong rebates as an Early Order Period purchase.
Step 2: Enhanced Plan It Your Way Rebate
Earn an additional 6- 12% rebate with qualifying purchases of Posterity, Daconil and/or Secure fungicide brands. 
  • New for 2024: Once you qualify, you also automatically earn an additional rebate on Acelepryn Xtra (our latest product for broader-spectrum insect control), Acelepryn 0.5 gal, Ference and Provaunt WDG insecticides.
  • For an additional 10% savings, look for volume discounts on Acelepryn and Ference insecticides.
  • Purchases of Multipaks can be applied to your Plan It Your Way qualification level.
  • New for 2024: Posterity XT + Ascernity Multipak 
  • While no pallets earn Plan it Your Way rebates, the following pallets qualify you for the 12% rebate level for all additional Plan It Your Way product purchases.
  • New for 2024: XT Solution Pallet 
  • New for 2024: Forte Solution Pallet

quali-pro logo

Step 3: Purchase in October for the Greatest Savings

Qualifying participants automatically earn an additional 2 – 3% rebate on purchases made in October in addition to the yearlong rebate. The more you spend, the more you earn. 

Step 4: Pallets Offer Significant Savings

  • New Pallets for 2024: Three new pallets will be available for order:
  • XT Solution features Acelepryn Xtra, Posterity XT and Secure Action fungicide
  • Forte Solution features Acelepryn Xtra, Posterity Forte and Secure Action 
  • ABW Solutions features Acelepryn, Ference and Provaunt WDG 
  • Pallets are ONLY available during the Early Order Period
  • Designed to meet specific agronomic needs and volumes
  • 12 of 14 pallets automatically qualify you for GreenTrust 365 rebates
  • Pallets can be combined with additional rebates for savings up to 35%

Step 5: Rebate Calculators Maximize Savings

We’ve done the math for you with our online rebate calculators. 

  • Choose one of three calculators to best suit your needs
  • Each calculator automatically maximizes your savings with optimal package sizes and configurations 

quali-pro logo

Visit GreenTrust365.com/Calculators to see how your savings add up. 

Contact your local Syngenta territory manager or visit GreenTrust365.com/Golf to learn more. 

GreenCastOnline.com | @SyngentaTurf | #GreenTrust365

1. You can qualify for the PIYW rebate by purchasing only Posterity brands

2. The PIYW rebate will be applied to all purchases of Posterity, Daconil, Secure, Acelepryn 0.5 gal, Acelepryn Xtra, Ference and Provaunt WDG made from Oct. 1 – Dec. 8, 2023.

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Build a foundation of success for your course with Corteva Ultimate Rewards

Maintain attractive, playable golf courses with the help of proven turf management products. As you look ahead to next year, Corteva Agriscience is providing a simple, easy way to earn cash back on the products you rely on. From Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, 2023, Corteva Ultimate Rewards is offering top-notch rebates on all qualifying products.

With Corteva Ultimate Rewards, the more you purchase, the greater your reward. Participating in Corteva Ultimate Rewards is a simple way to save when buying the products you need for exceptional weed, insect and disease control. 

Diverse Portfolio of Eligible Products

You don’t just want to get the job done; you want to get the job done right. Bundle any two or more of your favorite turf management products at a minimum rebate level of $300. The deeper you buy into the portfolio, the bigger your bonus will be. Participating product categories include:

  • Preemergence herbicides 
  • Postemergence herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Fertilizers/granules

Purchase qualifying products before Dec. 31, 2023, to secure your rate through June 30, 2024. Lock in your rebate rate by contacting your Corteva products distributor or your Corteva territory manager. How will you apply your rebate dollars? With Corteva Ultimate Rewards, the power of more is in your hands. 

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Nufarm Edge rewards logo

Nufarm Edge rewards logo

With more ways to save and a new line of products, stocking up has never been easier thanks Nufarm EDGE Rewards. Running from September 1 through December 8, 2023, this early order program gives turf and ornamental professionals savings on popular plant growth regulator, herbicide, fungicide and insecticide brands for the upcoming season.

During EOP Period 1 (September 1 – October 31, 2023), customers can get volume bonus rebates on eligible products ordered and shipped between September 1 and October 31. 

EOP Period 2 (November 1 – December 8, 2023) offers extended rebate savings and EZ Solution Pairings on eligible products ordered between November 1 and December 31.

Nufarm has introduced two new liquid formulation products to the program − Anuew EZ Plant Growth Regulator and Tourney EZ Fungicide. Also new this year, Nufarm EZ Solution Savings with product pairings are designed to provide multiple solutions at the best value. EZ Solution Savings include growth regulators, weed control and disease management combinations.

Nufarm’s Volume Bonus Rewards in the program introduces six new but well-known brands and includes Anuew, Anuew EZ, Tourney EZ, Traction, Pinpoint, Millennium Ultra 2, Sure Power, Cool Power, Horsepower, 4-Speed XT, Aloft and Escalade 2 brands. For a complete list of eligible products, and to get registered, visit nufarmrewards.com.

Program Highlights:


FMC Effortless early order program

Stock up and save with the industry's easiest rebates:

Up to 41% off FMC products, plus increased savings in September.

Nufarm Edge rewards logo

Boost your rebate with low-minimum volume buys

Nufarm Edge rewards logo

Earn up to $300 in extra rebates when you buy Serata fungicide plus another FMC fungicide. Buy two or more cases of Serata and get an extra $100 for each additional fungicide product brand you purchase.

These deals end December 8. Start saving today. Enroll free at fmctruechampions.com

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New Name. Same Easy Rewards Program.

Simply a better way to early order.

In the fall of 2023, to establish consistent name recognition across all markets, Prime Source was renamed Albaugh Specialty Products. Along with this change, Prime Rewards is now the Advantage Rewards Program.

CCIV fertilizer granules

Just as the product performance and support you’ve come to trust will continue uninterrupted, Albaugh Advantage Rewards will also remain the same simple points-to-dollars program that makes earning rewards easy – with no limits or complicated levels.

Now, the Advantage is yours.

Stock up on more than 20 proven herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, and PGR solutions from Albaugh Specialty Products to earn points-to-dollars Advantage Rewards. It’s not only incredibly easy, the earning potential is limitless.

And we’ve kept our handy earnings calculator on the website: AlbaughSpecialtyRewards.com. All to make it easier for you to evaluate different purchase scenarios and see exactly how fast your total rewards will add up with Albaugh Specialty Products. It’s also available as an Excel download for offline use. 

Work with the people you know, now at Albaugh Specialty Products, to keep your course at its best for your players and your budget sound for your peace of mind. Get the proven, cost-efficient products you’ve relied on and let the rewards add up. 

CCIV fertilizer granules

ADVANTAGE REWARDS PROGRAM PERIOD: September 1, 2023 - January 31, 2024


How to Redeem Your Rewards:

  1. Place order for qualifying products.
  2. Ask your distributor to go to www.AlbaughSpecialtyRewards.com to enter your submission, along with corresponding distributor invoices.
  3. Collect your rewards.

A minimum of 200 points is required to earn a gift card. Each additional 100 points earns $100 in gift cards. No earning limit. Reward payout will begin April 1, 2024.

Talk to your Albaugh Specialty Products Representative or get program details, terms and conditions at www.AlbaughSpecialtyRewards.com.