17 dogs living their best turf life

Get to know the very good boys and girls gracing the pages of GCSAA’s 2022 “Dog Days of Golf” calendar, a celebration of the golf industry’s beloved canine workforce.


The 19th annual “Dog of the Year” contest will be held on the floor of the 2022 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show in San Diego in February. Attendees’ votes will determine which of these quite fetching calendar pups will be crowned king or queen for 2022. The winning dog will earn $3,000 for his or her golf course superintendent’s local golf course association and a $500 cash prize from LebanonTurf.


Milo, calendar cover pup

Niakwa Country Club
Milo is a 1-year-old German shorthaired pointer who was just 10 weeks old when he joined the team at Niakwa Country Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Milo starts his workdays running from hole to hole, looking for an opportunity to chase resident squirrels, deer and geese. In the afternoon, he catches a ride in the cart with his owner, Shane, or catches up on some sleep in the office. Outside of work, Milo can most often be found chasing rabbits from the garden or cuddling on the couch.

Shane Bell is an assistant superintendent at Niakwa Country Club, where he has worked for nine years. Following his first year at Niakwa, Shane enrolled in the greenspace management program at Red River College, and he graduated in 2016. In his free time, Shane, a four-year member of GCSAA, enjoys ice fishing and winter camping.

Photo by Shane Bell

Jojo, Miss December 2021

Brantford Golf Country Club
Jojo was born for life on the golf course, even though she didn’t set paw on one until age 5, when she was adopted by superintendent Stephen Hicks. Brantford Golf & Country Club in Brantford, Ontario, became Jojo’s favorite place, where she roamed free, ousted geese and swam in the ponds. Jojo befriended staff and golfers alike, soliciting belly rubs at every turn. Even after one of her front legs was amputated in July 2020, she never slowed down. Sadly, Jojo passed away in May 2021 when her illness caught up to her again. Cart rides just aren’t the same without her.

Stephen Hicks is the superintendent at Brantford Golf & Country Club, where he has worked for four years. He is currently implementing a master plan of renovations involving bunkers, irrigation and underperforming greens. An 11-year GCSAA member, Stephen graduated from the University of Guelph in 2010 with a turfgrass diploma. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling with his wife and raising his daughter, who was born in early August of 2021.

Photo by Jenica Gorrie

Shadow, Miss January

Victory Ranch Golf Course
Shadow is a 3-month-old Siberian husky who recently joined the maintenance team at Victory Ranch Golf Course in Kamas, Utah. This friendly, energetic pup loves chasing rabbits on her morning runs and getting into trouble with her best friend, Ukka, an 8-month-old Karakachan mountain dog. Shadow’s favorite pastimes include picking up divot patties in fairways, disrupting crew members’ morning jobs, and riding in the cart with her owner, Bob. She also enjoys afternoon naps on the cool shop floor. After work, Shadow heads home for dinner and an evening hike with her mom, Carley.

Bob Narciso, a five-year GCSAA member, graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in sustainable plant and soil systems with a focus in turfgrass science. After three years as an assistant superintendent in Connecticut, he began his first season as an assistant at Victory Ranch GC. Since moving to Utah, Bob, Carley and Shadow enjoy exploring their new home through camping, hiking and road trips.

Photo by Bob Narciso

Rosie, Katt and Zuko, the February trio

Hobbits Glen Golf Club
Rosie is a 4-year-old Rottweiler-Labrador mix who loves coming to work every day with her sister, Katt, a 4-year-old border collie and certified goose dog, to see their co-worker, Zuko, a 1-year-old Australian cattle dog. The dogs’ different personalities make them the perfect trio at Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club of Columbia Association in Columbia, Md. All three love riding in the carts, and Katt’s second favorite activity is playing catch, while Rosie enjoys exploring (with or without her owner’s permission) and Zuko prefers play-fighting with Rosie or jumping on piles of sand or sod. When not out and about on the course, the three like to visit Christina, the golf course administrative assistant and photographer.

Patrick Mather — Rosie and Katt’s owner— attended Ohio State University and has been with Columbia Association for eight years. The 10-year GCSAA member has been in his current role as director of agronomy for two years. When not on the job, Patrick enjoys playing darts with his wife, Kendra, and taking Rosie and Katt to the local dog beach. Tyler MacKenzie, head superintendent and Zuko’s owner, has worked at Columbia Association for over a year and is a 2011 graduate of Rutgers University’s two-year certificate program. Tyler enjoys spending time outside with his wife, Brigette, and their son, Rowan.

Photo by Christina Barlas

Caddy, Miss March

Northwood Club
Caddy is a 2-year-old black English Labrador retriever who loves chasing squirrels and geese and paddling in the lakes throughout the 150 acres of Northwood Club in Dallas. Caddy has been on the job since she was 4 months old, and she relishes going to the course early in the morning, often waking up before anyone else in her home. Caddy’s happy place is riding shotgun in the golf cart with her owner, Coby, and giving high-fives and paw shakes to members and staff. She doesn’t know a stranger, loves kids, and has a friendly, calm demeanor.

Coby Morrow, a 15-year member of GCSAA, has been superintendent at Northwood Club for five years. He graduated from Western Texas College with a degree in turfgrass and landscape management. Coby likes spending time outside camping and escaping the Texas heat with his wife, Courtney, daughter, Charlotte, and newborn son, Crawford. Coby loves to travel, has a passion for photography, and enjoys retreating to his family’s beloved cabin in Jasper, Colo., when he can.

Photo by Coby Morrow

Archie, Mr. April

Essex Golf Country Club
Archie is a 4-month-old English springer spaniel who has been patrolling the grounds of Essex Golf & Country Club in LaSalle, Ontario, since he was just 8 weeks old. Archie can’t wait to get to work every morning, and when he’s not chasing squirrels or butterflies, he can be found sitting shotgun with his owner, Alex, during his daily rounds. Archie has quickly become a favorite among club members and staff, even when he’s picking up golf balls off the green. When Archie manages a day off, he likes to sprawl on the couch or do laps in the swimming pool.

Alex Corken, a 2017 University of Guelph graduate, has been the assistant superintendent at Essex Golf & Country Club for one year, following stints working in Toronto and the U.S. Alex is a four-year GCSAA member, and when not at work, he enjoys watching the Toronto Maple Leafs, playing golf, and hiking with his fiancée, Kelcey.

Photo by Alex Corken

Auggie, Mr. May

Scituate Country Club
Auggie is a 9-month-old Pudelpointer who keeps tabs on the wildlife at Scituate (Mass.) Country Club. On most days, he can be found taking a dip in the irrigation pond and warding off any nearby geese. Auggie is also fond of riding shotgun in the golf cart and greeting guests on the course. On weekends, his preferred pastimes are hiking, going to the beach, and getting lots of attention.

Brian Keene, a 15-year member of GCSAA, graduated from SUNY Cobleskill in 2003 and has been the superintendent at Scituate Country Club for nine years. He found his new sidekick, Auggie, after the passing of his longtime canine companion, Gus, in 2021. Brian enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring new places with his wife and daughter.

Photo by Brian Keene

Nevada, Mr. June

Desert Canyon Golf Course
Nevada is a 1-year-old red merle border collie who lends a paw at Desert Canyon Golf Course in Mountain Home, Idaho. Nevada came to Desert Canyon from a cattle ranch where he was bred to work cattle, and he now gets to herd the occasional golfer, though his favorite duties include chasing rock chucks and whistle pigs off the course. When not at work, Nevada delights in time with his family and chasing his favorite frisbee.

Jacob Olsen is a GCSAA Class A superintendent and an 11-year member of the association. He has been the superintendent at Desert Canyon Golf Course since 2014. When not on the job, Jacob loves spending time outdoors with his wife, Katie, and their four kids.

Photo by Jacob Olsen

Ruby, Miss July

Fiddlesticks Country Club
Ruby is a 3-year-old yellow Labrador who devotes her days to Fiddlesticks Country Club in Fort Myers, Fla. Every morning, Ruby rides the course with her owner, Gabe Gallo, and is on the lookout for fox squirrels to chase and members who might have treats. Ruby is a smart girl who knows not to walk on greens or bunkers, instead running around them and meeting you on the other side. She loves to show off her tricks to staff, members and guests. No stranger to cameras, Ruby appears frequently in the club’s video updates to membership.

GCSAA Class A superintendent Gabe Gallo is the director of agronomy at Fiddlesticks Country Club and a 13-year member of GCSAA. He is a graduate of Lake City Community College in Lake City, Fla., where he earned a degree in golf course operations. When he’s not working, Gabe enjoys the outdoors and boating with his wife, Kathleen, daughter, Kaylee, and of course Ruby too.

Photo by Gabe Gallo

Stella and Nova, the ladies of August

Anthem Country Club
On the golf course since they were 8 weeks old, these German shepherd girls are living the dream at Anthem Country Club in Las Vegas, where they’ve achieved a bit of celebrity status with members. Stella, 8, has amazed with her discipline, athleticism, and ability to do many tasks not typically attributed to German shepherds. Nova, 1, is learning the ropes from her big sister. She has an endless motor, and on her way to the course, she can’t contain her excitement over getting to chase rabbits. This duo has rid the course of geese and keeps rabbits and coots in check as well. After work, they head home to a family of six and relax in the pool to cool down from the Las Vegas heat.

James Symons, a 19-year GCSAA member, graduated from Penn State in 2004 and is in his fourth year as superintendent at Anthem Country Club. James’ career has taken him from Toronto to the Mid-Atlantic to his current post in Las Vegas. He loves to camp with his family — wife, April, and four kids — do DIY projects, coach youth sports, and play golf and basketball. He represents the Buffalo Bills, Penn State and the Toronto Raptors strongly in the Southwest.

Photo by Gary Hodum

Rye, Miss September

TPC Scottsdale
Rye is an English springer spaniel who has been at TPC Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Ariz., since she was just 7 weeks old. Her duties include running the course every morning to help manage the crew, chasing birds, and greeting guests throughout the day. While most of Rye’s littermates and relatives have become fantastic hunting dogs and companions, her grandmother, Nunners, was also a golf course dog just a few hours north in Flagstaff, Ariz. Rye has an exceptional temperament and boundless energy, and she loves her role on the golf course.

Scott Hebert is the senior assistant superintendent at TPC Scottsdale, host of the annual Waste Management Phoenix Open. A seven-year GCSAA member, Scott studied golf course management at the University of Maryland and has worked in professional golf in various climates throughout the U.S. When not at the golf course, Scott and Rye enjoy hunting, cooking and hiking with Scott’s fiancée, Whitney Jo.

Photo by Scott Hebert

Colter, Mr. October

Cornerstone Club
Colter is a 1-year-old Labrador and cattle dog mix who spends most of his days patrolling the grounds of Cornerstone Club in Montrose, Colo. His workdays consist of watching intently for wildlife, chasing his owner’s cart around the course, and greeting visitors at the shop. In his free time, Colter enjoys going on long hikes with his owners, playing fetch, and socializing with other dogs.

Kendall Endres, a 2020 graduate of Purdue University with a degree in turfgrass science, is in his first year as superintendent at Cornerstone Club. He is a three-year member of GCSAA. Outside of work, Kendall enjoys exploring new places with Colter and his girlfriend, Kelsea. They take advantage of everything the Western Slope has to offer, including kayaking, mountain biking and fishing.

Photo by Kendall Endres

Whisky, Miss November

Oshawa Golf Curling Club
Whisky is a 1-year-old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon who is thrilled to greet staff and members at Oshawa Golf and Curling Club in Oshawa, Ontario. Her favorite on-course activities are running beside the cart in the mornings and chasing squirrels and geese. Whisky started at the club when she was just a pup, and her big brother, Bunker, who was a calendar canine back in 2015, feels he trained Whisky well for her turn in the spotlight.

Matthew Booth has been the superintendent at Oshawa Golf and Curling Club for four years. He graduated from the University of Guelph in 2003 with a degree in horticultural science and has been a member of GCSAA for nine years. Away from the golf course, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing golf, wildlife photography, fishing, and woodworking.

Photo by Matthew Booth

Roobi, Miss December

Circling Raven Golf Club
Roobi is a 3-year-old Pudelpointer who has worked at Circling Raven Golf Club in northern Idaho since she was 8 weeks old. Roobi is a morale booster loved by crew members and golfers alike. She’s enthusiastic about birds, pointing and stalking most everything she sees, including any pesky varmints she encounters on her morning course run. During practice rounds for an LPGA Symetra Tour tournament in August 2021, Roobi won the hearts of all the ladies she met. In fall and winter, she can be found afield with her owner, pursuing upland game birds and waterfowl.

GCSAA Class A superintendent Brian J. Woster is a 35-year association member and a member of the Inland Empire GCSA. He has been a superintendent for 38 years. Born and raised in Ralston, Neb., Brian has spent the past 20 years at Circling Raven GC, where he was also the grow-in superintendent. Brian enjoys big game hunting, hunting game birds with Roobi, fishing, camping with his wife, Tammie, and spending time with his grandsons, Landon and Graham.

Photo by Norbert Seres