PGA of America donates to EIFG

The organization’s $250,000 gift will bolster a variety of programs aimed at ensuring golf’s future.


PGA of America logo

The PGA of America has committed its support to fostering golf’s sustainability with a $250,000 donation over five years to the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG), the philanthropic organization of GCSAA.

“We are fortunate to be in an industry where organizations representing the different aspects of the game come together for the greater good,” says GCSAA CEO Rhett Evans. “This generous gift from the PGA of America allows us to fund research, education and advocacy that help strengthen all aspects of the game.”

The PGA’s gift will be used for EIFG-funded programs such as First Green, a STEM education program that brings students to golf courses; GCSAA’s best management practices initiative, which facilitates and showcases environmental sustainability; and advocacy efforts that give golf a voice at all levels of government.

The PGA of America has historically been an avid supporter of various EIFG initiatives, and this pledge marks the fifth time the PGA has made a donation of $100,000 or more. Additionally, Darrell Crall, PGA of America chief operating officer, sits on the EIFG Board of Trustees.

“The PGA of America is proud to support the work of the Environmental Institute for Golf,” says PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh. “We know that in the capable hands of the EIFG, our donation will have a positive effect on the environment and all who love the game of golf.”

The PGA’s gift is part of a five-year commitment to the EIFG and its mission of fostering sustainability through research, awareness, education, programs and scholarships for the benefit of golf course management professionals, golf facilities and the game.