Product highlights from the 2023 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show

New golf course maintenance equipment, products and tech took center stage in Orlando.


Trade show floor


Toro showcased its out-front rotary mower, the Groundsmaster 3200 two-wheel-drive unit, as a battery-powered option. Building on a 50-year history from the introduction of the Groundsmaster 72 in 1973, the battery-powered Groundsmaster e3200 features the same rugged chassis, commercial-grade mowing deck and intuitive operator controls as the current diesel-powered platform. The mower is powered by Toro’s proprietary HyperCell battery technology, which must pass extensive environment and third-party certification testing. The distributed Battery Management System (BMS) optimizes battery performance to enhance reliability and longevity. Because the BMS is integrated, HyperCell lithium-ion batteries communicate with each other to optimize efficiency and extend the lifecycle, well beyond the 5,000-hour design life of the traction unit.

Toro introduced Greensmaster e1026 walk greens mower, an electric version of the Greensmaster 1026. This new model will add another electric product option to the growing portfolio of battery-powered equipment in the Toro lineup. The e1026 joins the existing Toro Greensmaster e1021 and eFlex 1021 models. At a mowing width of 26 inches (66 centimeters), it offers greater productivity while providing a more pleasant operator experience, void of any engine exhaust emissions and with significantly reduced noise levels. It’s efficient, quiet and virtually maintenance-free, while boasting excellent balance and maneuverability. These are benefits that extend beyond the operator, to golfers, bystanders, resort guests and nearby homeowners. The new design of the Toro walk greens mower family synchronizes the operator and the machine to eliminate operator error and negative influence on the turf.

Toro eHoverPro

Toro eHoverPro expands Toro’s battery-powered maintenance offerings. The eHoverPro provides a zero-engine-emission solution for golf course superintendents maintaining slopes and contoured surfaces. The mower is fully compatible with the Toro 60V* Flex-Force Power System, allowing users to swap the 7.5-ampere-hour batteries across the extensive lineup of tools. The eHoverPro is built on a foundation of strength and is lightweight, which gives users better control and stability. Mowing hillsides, around bunkers and tee boxes is made easier with the help of a slope mower. Additional features that simplify the process are a push-button, single-speed motor that starts the first time, every time, along with a profiled handlebar that increases maneuverability; low noise and hand-arm vibration; up to 25 minutes of runtime on a single interchangeable battery; steel blade cutting system; and 18-inch cutting width.

John Deere entered the market with the first John Deere battery-powered machines for golf and sports turf customers with the new 185 and 225 E-Cut electric walk greens mowers that offer a more sustainable solution with zero emissions. These mowers have an independent floating cutting unit mounted on the front and are powered by a 58-volt, 3.56-kilowatt-hour (maximum) lithium-ion battery. In addition, the controllers provide power to the electric motors that control the gear transmission and reel. The battery-operated machines are an environmentally friendly, sustainable option, eliminating the use of both gasoline and engine oil. The 185 and 225 E-Cut electric walk greens mower models allow an estimated 50,000 square feet to be mowed on a charge. The near-silent operation opens the operation window where potential early morning or late evening noise is a concern, all without experiencing diminishing performance from what operators are used to.

John Deere E-Cut hybrid fairway mower

The new 6700A and 7700A E-Cut hybrid fairway mowers from John Deere are the first hybrid QA7 machines for John Deere, providing options for those seeking reduced hydraulic leak opportunities. The 6700A is the first three-wheel-stance fairway mower on the market available with 7-inch reels and electric reel drive, the company says, enabling enhanced adjustability and reduced emissions. When mowing at a reduced engine RPM, operators will experience up to 30% fuel savings, and noise pollution is reduced. The 6700A and 700A are similar to current John Deere hybrid fairway mowers, with 90% of hydraulic leak opportunities reduced by electrifying the reel circuit and an advanced LoadMatch system with a smart alternator that prioritizes cut quality in tough conditions.

The smaller and narrower John Deere Gator GS and Gator GS Electric utility vehicles, measuring 49.3 inches, make it easier for superintendents and staff around the course to complete various assignments throughout the day. The cargo bed allows for tools, equipment and materials to be transported easily around the course with a more-than-13-foot and 800-pound capacity, helping complete tasks quickly and efficiently. The small yet resourceful utility vehicle reduces the area required for fleet storage while still delivering rugged durability. The operator station includes high-back bucket seats, two standard USB ports, a low-effort steering system design and multiple storage compartments for gloves, small hand tools and mobile devices.

John Deere TruFinish 1220 utility rake boasts an improved design and efficiency-boosting features, benefiting those with smaller crews. It helps save time on the job by mechanically raking bunkers and field surfaces, ultimately reducing crew fatigue and increasing uptime and productivity. It is equipped with an updated hydrostatic drive with selectable two-wheel or three-wheel drive, allowing customers to customize their drive to best suit the job at hand. Customers looking to work in lighter-duty applications can benefit from the 2WD option with higher transport speeds, while those looking to increase efficiency during applications where more traction is needed can utilize the 3WD option. Additional features include larger engine and increased fuel capacity compared to previous models; improved traction speeds; and improved rear attachment system when compared to the 1200 Hydro model.

Jacobsen mower

Jacobsen launched SLF1 Elite, a super-light five-reel lithium mower. It features 5.5 run-hours-time on a single charge and is quiet, light and agile on a hydraulic-free design and all-wheel drive. The cut width is 82 inches and cut height of 0.30 to 0.70 inch. Blades per reel are eight or 11. The five cutting reels are 5 inches in diameter by 18 inches. Lithium power features Samsung technology with 60 million hours of use. The 508 ampere-hour ELiTE lithium-ion battery has an onboard charger that powers overnight. The mower includes Jacobsen’s most advanced onboard and remote-ready monitoring system with lockable speed and frequency-of-clip controls.

Maruyama MHM480 hover mower is a commercial-grade cutting tool designed for professionals and powered by the Maruyama CER800 engine for unsurpassed performance and hover technology, allowing for utilization in areas not possible by traditional lawn mowers. The company touts excellent maneuverability, superior hovering, exceptional mulching and ability to operate at the steepest of angles as just a few features of the MHM480. Utilizing a 79.2 cubic centimeter, two-cycle gasoline engine provides the user the ability to run for extended periods and maximizes the opportunity for use on difficult terrains. The mower is ideal for steep slopes and hard-to-trim uneven areas where traditional mowers cannot perform, such as bunkers, embankments, landscaping privacy mounds, marshes, along water lines, bar ditches and more.

Crary chipper

Crary Industries Inc. introduced the FC400 Chipper. The 4-inch-capacity chipper is designed to handle brush materials and small tree limbs. The FC400 is powered by a 420 cubic centimeter Briggs & Stratton XR Professional Series engine with any easy-starting 4L matched belt drive. A strategically engineered gravity-fed operation handles materials efficiently through a 9.85-inch diamond-shaped opening by a 37-pound rotor with four reversible blades. A hinged chipper housing cover provides easy rotor access for blade and machine maintenance. Optional accessories include a ground discharge kit; two-wheel tow kit for pulling behind a utility vehicle, golf cart or lawn tractor; and a tach/hour meter.

ABI Attachments has new ground prep mid and rear attachments for its zero-turn landscaping machine. The new landscape contractor configuration of the ABI Force includes the zero-turn vehicle, a mid-mount attachment setup and a rear landscape finisher featuring the new VersiBlade. Designed specifically for contractors, the landscape configuration of the Force comes with all the features needed to cut downtime and labor on jobs without compromising on quality. When using ABI Force, operators are able to rip up, level out and prepare the ground with maneuverability and nimbleness that contractors just can’t get with a skid steer or tractor, theo company says.


Toro Workman MDX has been a trusted utility vehicle for golf course superintendents. Bringing that history to the age of electrification, Toro announced Workman MDX Lithium. Lithium-ion battery packs are essentially maintenance free, which allows operators to spend less time checking batteries and more time checking tasks off their to-do list. There’s no need to keep track of a charger: It’s onboard and ready to be connected to any standard 120-volt power outlet. Workman MDX is powered by Toro HyperCell batteries — Toro’s proprietary, patent-pending, lithium-ion technology. Toro has implemented rigorous standards that require every battery to pass extensive environment and third-party certification testing. The distributed Battery Management System (BMS) optimizes battery performance to enhance reliability and longevity. HyperCell batteries provide diagnostic information to simplify and streamline any service needs. A third-party recycling program is available for batteries that reach end of life.

With Toro’s IntelliDash platform, superintendents at just a glance can view real-time operational data, including agronomic conditions, labor, asset location and equipment health. Additionally, superintendents can use data to simplify course operations, identify inefficiencies and better allocate resources. Since its launch in July 2022, Toro has developed and implemented new features: a widget lock/unlock button that allows users the ability to customize the dashboard by moving what’s most important to them to the top of the screen; Toro Irrigation National Support Network (NSN) chat, a chat function offers quick access to Toro’s trusted NSN support team; mobile-friendly design, that allows users to have a seamless experience when connecting to IntelliDash via smartphone, tablet or PC; and decision tree, where superintendents can opt-in to a decision tree function that operates in conjunction with Turf Guard soil sensors to help determine when to irrigate.


The USGA launched GS3, a state-of-the-art golf technology tool that calculates putting green speed, firmness, smoothness and trueness — all with one device. A rechargeable smart ball that is the same size and weight as a standard golf ball, GS3 creates accurate, measurable, first-of-their-kind agronomic benchmarks that superintendents can use to facilitate change more effectively on their course. The tool has sensors that collect over 15,000 data points, empowering analytics-driven decisions. “We are excited to provide a tool that enables the industry to objectively quantify putting green metrics, besides just green speed,” said Matt Pringle, Ph.D., managing director of the USGA Green Section. “GS3 can clarify the impact of different maintenance practices, provide benchmarks and communicate to stakeholders how the course is performing.” Fully integrated with, and operating on, the USGA’s DEACON™ course management platform via a Bluetooth connection, GS3 employs data to help manage their facility, including weather, mowing practices, resource applications and course setup.

ReadySpan bridges

Bedford Reinforced Plastics showcased ReadySpan Golf Course Bridges that are designed to carry golf carts, pedestrians and other vehicles up to 10,000 pounds. ReadySpan Golf Course Bridges combine high strength with attractive design, making them a long-lasting and aesthetic choice for courses. Features include durable construction with composite decking that the company says significantly outlasts wood and steel bridges, and color options. The Bedford FRP structural components are resistant to extreme heat, rain, snow and high winds. The decking on ReadySpan Golf Course Bridges is made with WearDeck, a wood finish nearly indistinguishable from wooden bridges. The combination ensures the bridges will last for as long as 75 years. Because FRP is pound-for-pound as strong as steel but at a significantly lighter weight, it’s easy to transport to the installation site. ReadySpan Golf Course Bridges are easily installed with ordinary tools and all components come pre-drilled.



Aquatrols developed what it calls the professional turf industry’s first truly effective, natural and biodegradable soil surfactant. Astria joins Aquatrols’ Hydration portfolio of products, alongside industry staples like Revolution, Zipline and Aqueduct Flex. Astria is a natural soil surfactant derived from plant and microbiological components to support uniform moisture from surface to the root zone; enhance water infiltration in repellent soils; improve turf quality by reducing abiotic stress; 100% naturally derived; 100% recyclable; and 100% biodegradable.

Tee-2-Green, a grower-owned premium bentgrass seed company introduced a new bentgrass offering: Prestige. The blend is a combination of Pure Distinction and Pure Select. Prestige is a durable formula made to withstand various climate elements. The premium bentgrass blend provides tour-quality surfaces on a day-in and day-out basis, even in the harshest climates. It is ideal for greens, collars and approaches. Prestige Premium can be seeded in a new green or interseeded for a dense, upright and aggressive growth. The premium bentgrass blend features a wide range of benefits, including extreme heat, cold, frost, salt and wear tolerance; great shade and a broad spectrum of disease tolerance; high tolerance to Poa annua herbicide; super deep rooting with fast recovery; Tour-quality putting surface with high-density canopy; and super spring green-up and late fall color and vigor.

Envu introduced Resilia, what Envu calls a first-of-its-kind root health solution to keep turf strong by protecting roots from the complex turf diseases that lurk below the surface. Resilia root health solution uses a unique combination of three unique active ingredients to control all major soilborne pathogens for up to 28 days and suppress root-damaging nematode populations. With the broad-spectrum control provided, roots can thrive and reach their full potential. Resilia root health solution is very easy to apply and works well in tandem with Stressgard fungicides. Stressgard fungicides improve plant health above ground by providing outstanding disease control and boosting photosynthesis. Together, Resilia root health solution and Stressgard fungicides will protect turf above and below ground. Envu anticipates that Resilia will be commercially available later in 2023.


SandSave (patent pending) sand bunker draining system is what the company calls a unique, first-of-its-kind, engineered active drain system for sand bunkers. SandSave’s unique design creates an active drain that extends and retracts using golf course irrigation water to hydraulically activate the SandSave drain for efficient removal of standing water from even the largest trap, thereby permitting play to resume quickly, at minimal cost. A SandSave drain can be installed using course personnel in hours at a fraction of the cost of a complete bunker renovation.


Sod Production Services launched an all-new freestanding and comprehensive website for what it calls the world’s most cold-tolerant bermudagrass, Tahoma 31, at The new site provides access to in-depth research on Tahoma 31, a featured project section that details high-profile golf and sports turf projects grassed with Tahoma 31, as well as spec sheets, maintenance tips and an interactive map to locate licensed producers of Tahoma 31 worldwide. Tahoma 31 bermuda is a fine-bladed, highly dense turfgrass, available as sod and sprigs, suitable for use on golf course fairways, tees, greens surrounds, approaches, driving ranges and roughs.