Native plants

  • A new use for old bunker sand

    April 30, 2020
    Swapped-out bunker sand can be repurposed as a growing medium for native wildflowers and grasses, creating valuable habitat for insects and small animals.
  • Wildflowers bring in beneficial insects

    February 2020
    Incorporating flowering plants on golf courses is a well-known strategy for aiding pollinators, but the practice offers another perk: attracting predatory and parasitic insects for natural pest control.
  • Welcome, wildlife

    May 2016
    These four golf course maintenance strategies are fundamental to fostering and caring for wildlife habitat, and are a good launching point for superintendents looking to get started with more environmentally beneficial management.
  • Making a way for monarchs

    February 2016
    Plant native milkweed and nectar-producing flowers to aid these beloved but threatened butterflies.
  • Controlled burns on the golf course

    February 2014
    A Michigan superintendent shares his process for carrying out controlled burns of his course’s naturalized areas every spring, from developing a “burn plan” to supervising the blaze.
  • Maintaining golf course naturalized areas

    May 2009
    Don’t confuse going natural with letting nature take over. Here’s how to choose plants for naturalized areas, schedule maintenance and properly employ herbicides.