• An irrigation evaluation

    June 2016
    To tackle irrigation system deficiencies at the root — rather than just reacting to them — a Colorado superintendent put his turf to the stress test. The results debunked some long-held beliefs.
  • Triage for trees

    February 2016
    Have a troubled tree on your hands? Before you take action, you need to diagnose. Here, a certified arborist guides you through the process of determining just what’s befallen an ailing tree.
  • Controlled burns on the golf course

    February 2014
    A Michigan superintendent shares his process for carrying out controlled burns of his course’s naturalized areas every spring, from developing a “burn plan” to supervising the blaze.
  • Golf course landscaping for fall

    October 2013
    Color has an undeniable impact on golfers and the golfscape, and fall furnishes a dazzling palette all its own. A horticulturist offers insight on incorporating plants with fall appeal.
  • The fundamentals of frequency of clip

    November 2012
    Adding this easy measurement to your toolbox can improve the quality of your turf — think increased ball roll without lowering height of cut — while cutting maintenance time and costs.
  • 13 tips for better putting green collars

    June 2009
    Collars tend to take a beating for the sake of putting surface playability. A turf consultant offers recommendations for curbing collar decline and improving appearance.
  • Maintaining golf course naturalized areas

    May 2009
    Don’t confuse going natural with letting nature take over. Here’s how to choose plants for naturalized areas, schedule maintenance and properly employ herbicides.
  • Mulch fall leaves into turfgrass

    August 1997
    A solution to leaf disposal troubles lies right underfoot. Hear from superintendents and researchers on the benefits and how-to of mulching leaves into turf.