• The turfgrass microbiome of the National Mall

    January 2018
    Renovation of the turfgrass on the National Mall presented an ideal opportunity for researchers to test assumptions about the reaction of the turfgrass microbiome to significant disruption.
  • The case for protecting genetic resources in turfgrass

    December 29, 2017
    Urbanization has the potential to negatively impact unique genetic resources. In the case of turfgrass, the disturbance of sites in South Korea has threatened zoysiagrasses that possess distinct biological advantages.
  • The zoysiagrass solution for salinity

    November 22, 2017
    Zoysiagrass is different from other salt-tolerant species. Discover the science behind how this game-changing grass thrives in salt-heavy soils.
  • Turf math: A case for metric units

    September 2014
    For a U.S.-groomed, Asia-based turf scientist, use of the metric system makes important on-course measurements easier to calculate and conceptualize.
  • Stave off summer turf stress

    June 2014
    Three superintendents share cultural and mechanical tips that have helped their courses weather the strains of summer.
  • Vole control on the golf course

    January 2011
    A wildlife management specialist lays out methods for outsmarting these covert critters and offsetting their damage to turf.
  • Soil microorganisms: A turf manager’s guide

    November 1996
    Your soil is teeming with trillions of organisms essential to plant health. Get to know this subterranean cast, how the various microbes keep grass green and growing, and how you can support them.
  • Managing wear stress on turfgrass

    September 1995
    Traffic on golf turf is inevitable, but superintendents aren’t powerless to curb its effects. Learn about the factors that predispose turf to physical injury and management practices that can minimize wear stress.
  • Should I use this product on my turf?

    October 1993
    Ask these eight questions when evaluating a soil amendment or other turf product to help you make sound, fact-guided agronomic decisions.
  • Soil compaction effects on turf

    August 1990
    This “hidden” stress takes a very visible toll on turf. Get the lowdown on just how compaction impacts plant root and shoot growth, nutrient uptake, water use, and more.